AJU Group Firm Wins Auction for Hotel Plot in Dholera Sir

Hotel Plot in Dholera Sir

Satyaja Infratech, a well-known real estate developer, has been actively contributing to Dholera SIR, India’s first and largest emerging smart city. The company is confident that investment in fresh developing areas or smart cities can offer larger returns than investing in developing cities. 

Satyaja Group has been building new projects for their consumers as part of their dedication to provide better living places. In the most recent development, the AJU Group, a well-known hospitality group, won the auction for a premier hotel plot in Dholera SIR

This blog post will discuss the implications of this transaction and how it may affect the Dholera smart city investment plan.


The Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) is a ground-breaking Indian government effort aimed at developing a futuristic, sustainable, and technologically advanced city. Dholera SIR, located in Gujarat, is strategically located to attract large investments due to its accessibility to important economic hubs and connectivity via multiple forms of transportation. The master plan for the city includes the construction of world-class infrastructure, such as roads, utilities, and public amenities, making it an ideal place for real estate investment.


Satyaja Infratech’s decision to focus on Dholera SIR is ideally aligned with their belief in the potential of new developing areas and smart cities. By locating their projects in Dholera, the company is gaining access to a variety of prospects for growth and prosperity. Satyaja Group intends to be at the forefront of this development, since the Dholera smart city investment plan is aimed to attract firms, investors, and inhabitants from around the world.


The AJU Group, a well-known hospitality group known for providing great service and quality, has won the auction for a premier hotel plot in Dholera SIR. This acquisition signals the group’s entrée into the hospitality sector of the smart city. The hotel is planned to be a two-star hotel, catering to the different demands of visitors to Dholera. The launch of this venture appears appropriate, given the increased interest in Dholera SIR as a viable investment location and an expanding hub for business and tourism.


The AJU Group’s addition of a 2-star hotel in Dholera SIR delivers various benefits to the city’s hospitality sector and overall development plan:

As a 2-star hotel, the resort is anticipated to provide reasonable accommodation alternatives, attracting budget-conscious travelers, business visitors, and tourists. This will meet the city’s demand for low-cost lodging.

  • Tourism Boost: The development of Dholera SIR as a smart city is projected to draw tourists interested in its futuristic infrastructure and sustainability characteristics. The 2-star hotel will provide a convenient and accessible lodging alternative for these visitors, promoting tourism in the region even further.
  • Employment Opportunities: The construction and management of the hotel will offer job opportunities for the local workforce, contributing to Dholera SIR’s economic development and empowering its citizens.
  • Complementary Services: The hotel may also include extra services and facilities such as meeting rooms, restaurants, and recreational spaces to enhance the entire Dholera SIR experience.
  • Showcasing Dholera’s Potential: With a reputable hotel organization like AJU organization investing in the city, potential investors and businesses might see Dholera SIR as a viable site for future initiatives.


Satyaja Infratech’s commitment to developing projects in Dholera SIR is consistent with the company’s aim of investing in new development zones and smart cities. The AJU Group’s recent acquisition of a prominent hotel property is an exciting milestone for Dholera’s hospitality sector and the city’s general expansion. 

As the smart city evolves, the 2-star hotel is expected to play an important role in hosting tourists, business visitors, and investors, enhancing Dholera SIR’s status as a valuable real estate investment destination. With the city’s change ongoing, it will be interesting to see how this new addition contributes to the Dholera smart city investment plan’s success.

The centeral government has sanctioned a massive Rs. 3,000 crore fund to develop one of its kind smartcity - Dholera SIR.

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