Vedanta and Foxconn set up semiconductor factory in Dholera SIR

semiconductor plant in dholera SIRChips manufacturing projects include the preparation of 700 acres of land in Dholera SIR for a semiconductor plant that will be owned and operated by Vedanta-Foxconn.

After receiving authorization from the central government, the 1.54 million crore project will be allowed to take possession of the land. The state government of Gujarat has prepared a piece of land in Dholera SIR for the manufacturing project of semiconductor chips that will be carried out by the Vedanta-Foxconn Company. This project is significant for the state of Gujarat. Between Sanand and Dholera, the Gujarat government has decided to allot a total of 700 acres of land to the company, and the company has begun the preparations necessary for receiving this land. A conclusion regarding this piece of land has been arrived at after much deliberation and thought. As soon as the project gets off the ground, Dholera is going to transform into Semiconductor City. In September of 2022, Vedanta-Foxconn signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the government of Gujarat for the construction of a semiconductor chips manufacturing plant with a budget of 1.54 million billion rupees.

In the past, the company had also held negotiations with the government of Maharashtra regarding the construction of this plant; however, in the end, they decided to build it in Gujarat, and the state government of Gujarat is providing the company with all of the assistance it needs to complete the project. In Dholera, the production of semiconductor chips will utilise approximately 700 acres of land that has been set aside for this purpose. Additionally, ancillary companies will be allotted land within this pocket. Other essential facilities and supporting infrastructure for the plant have been given the go-ahead to begin construction right away per the instructions.

Dholera Industrial City to Become the Final Location for the Vedanta and Foxconn Project:

The Dholera smart city project’s objective is to realise its vision of an inclusive and sustainable city that places a priority on its residents and the quality of their lives. In the many years to come, this environment will continue to be one that is both living and sustainable. The location of the project, which encompasses 11,000 hectares of land, is approximately 60 kilometers away from Ahmedabad, the most populous city in Gujarat. The construction of Dholera Smart City would require more than 114 square kilometers of land (roughly seven times the size of Singapore). The plan for the smart city of Dholera will make it possible to build the world’s first completely integrated metropolitan area. It will be in the state of Gujarat, which is located in the western part of India and is also home to one of the most important industrial projects in the country. Already in high demand, residential plots in the Dholera SIR special investment region are drawing a lot of attention thanks to the notable projects being developed there. 

Dholera SIR Industrial City has been chosen by both Vedanta and Foxconn also as the location for the semiconductor Fabs that they intend to build in India. After the Vedanta-Foxconn company’s semiconductor project receives approval from the central government, the government of Gujarat will officially order the allotment of land, which will result in the employment of one lakh people. Following that, the land will be transferred to the company in the shortest amount of time possible. The boundaries of this land have been established. In addition to an investment of 1.54 lakh crores, this location will have opportunities for employment for one lakh individuals.

Salient Features Of Dholera Smart City

  • Dream Project that Mr. Narendra Modi envisioned completing while he was serving as Chief Minister of Gujarat.
  • To be constructed in a region that will be six times larger than Shanghai and will be twice the size of Delhi.
  • One of the Top 12 Cities in the World with the Fastest Urbanization, according to Forbes, and a one-of-a-kind city in India.
  • The presence of a Special Investment node along the DMIC route transforms the area into a location that facilitates accelerated production and commerce.
  • The state government of Gujarat and the federal government are currently working together on various development strategies.
  • The city has excellent communication with the rest of the world thanks to its many different modes of transportation, including its international airport, road network, motorway, metro, and port.
  • The initial capital of Rs. 3,000 crore has been provided by the government, which is expected to attract Foreign Direct Investment as well as private investors.
  • This is a compelling investment opportunity for both individual and international investors because there is a substantial amount of land available at a discounted price.
  • Intelligent investors have made it their top priority due to the favourable location, the current prices, and the encouragement offered by the government.

The centeral government has sanctioned a massive Rs. 3,000 crore fund to develop one of its kind smartcity - Dholera SIR.

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