Dholera Smart City GreenField Airport At Fasttrack

The Indian government has given its approval “in principle” for the construction of 21 new greenfield airports, which means that the country’s aviation industry is about to receive a significant boost. On Thursday, the Minister of Civil Aviation, Jyotiraditya M Scindia, said that six new airports will be made operational over the course of the next three years.

The Dholera airport, Navi Mumbai airport, Hassan airport,  Hirasar, and others are scheduled to be completed and ready to use within the next three years. As many as  eleven of the greenfield airports have been put into operation thanks to the Greenfield Airport strategy.

As the civil aviation minister of India informed in a written quoted reply to a question in the house, “11 greenfield airports including 6 airports” Orvakal in 2021, Sindhudurg in 2021, Kushinagar in 2021, Itanagar in 2022, Mopa in 2023, Shivamogga in 2023

have been operationalized in the past three years.

Progress Of Dholera Greenfield Smart City.

Work is progressing well on the Dholera International Airport Project. According to what has been declared by the Airport Authority of India, construction on the Dholera Greenfield Airport will not be finished until December of 2024. What is the total number of runways available at Dholera Greenfield Smart City? The Dholera Greenfield Airport is equipped with two separate runways. What is the distance between each runway? The distance between the two runways will be a total of 4000 metres for the second one and 3200 metres for the first. What will the total size of Dholera International be? It will be somewhere about 75 hectares. Where Exactly Is the Dholera Green Field International Airport Located? It would be close to Navagam Village and around 80 kilometres (50 miles) away from Ahmedabad. It will also be approximately 20 kilometres (12 miles) away from the Dholera Special Investment Area (DSIR). Passenger size?? somewhere between fifty and sixty million individuals.

There are essentially two distinct categories of airports:

  1. Greenfield Airport comes in at number one.
  2. The airport known as Brown Field

Green Field Airports are airports whose development will begin completely from scratch. So, everything that should be developed and where it should be developed has already been preplanned. BrownField Airports are those airports that already have the infrastructure built out for them. 

Since Dholera is a Greenfield Smart City, all of the development that is carried out in Dholera Smart City begins from the very beginning. According to the Aviation Ministry, the Dholera Greenfield International Airport already has its structure preplanned, and construction on the airport has already begun. 

According to the minister, the airport’s development will be finished around December 2024. Below are some of the highlights of the DholeraSIR International Airport. Ques. When do you anticipate that it will be finished?? According to the announcements made by the Airport Authority of India, construction on the Dholera Greenfield Airport would continue until the end of the year 2024. Ques. What is the total number of runways available at Dholera Greenfield Smart City? The answer is that Dholera Greenfield Airport features a dual runway system.


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