Dholera – A Sustainable Smart & Green City

The first outline smart city in India, which has been negotiated with the well-known Special Investment Region (SIR) in Gujarat, is well-planned to be a beautiful Green City and will take into consideration all components essential to building a live-green environment with low carbon footprints.

Dholera strives to become a smart city that is committed to the long-term well-being of future developments, the environment, and the people who live there. It will be one of the world’s most remarkable cities, and likely the first in the region, to receive the IGBC green city designation.

Dholera, which will be one of the greatest cities on the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), spans 920 square kilometers, with 540 square kilometers under development.

In order to achieve a net-zero impact on the climate, it will include:

  • Green buildings
  • World-class residencies
  • Premium amenities
  • Water treatment plants
  • Better waste management
  • Sustainable eco-transport and portability
  • Feasible eco-transport and versatility
  • Sustainable power age

Adding up all these, Dholera Smart City will set new standards for economic city life in India and beyond. It aims to create an intelligent foundation that adapts to the needs of humans. The Residential Project by Satyaja Infratech is in a unique position to build this city, laying the groundwork for future growth and stimulating root progress along the way.

The stability network for Dholera is being defined through various components as the area is being prepared to generate clean energy, have enough green open spaces, use green materials for construction, lay a critical foundation for e-ship, and manage land, water, squander, and other resources through consistent reusing and optimal use.
Is It Worth Investing in a Residential Project in Dholera Sir?
Residential plots in Dholera SIR are a top investment target for any investor since big businesses are investing here to develop operations, resulting in countless jobs, and as a consequence, individuals will invest in residential plots for their future.

In the residential projects in Dholera Sir, you will see world-class designs that are not just normal projects like anywhere else. It gives you:

  • Location advantages,
  • Connectivity,
  • Luxurious lifestyle,
  • Bright future,
  • Modern facilities, etc.

This smart city would have everything that a big metropolis in a developed country would have. This city will serve as the nerve center for India’s planned smart city projects, which will benefit not just the country’s future, but also the future of the people who reside here thanks to world-class amenities.

So, have you decided to invest in Residential plots?

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The centeral government has sanctioned a massive Rs. 3,000 crore fund to develop one of its kind smartcity - Dholera SIR.

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